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2018 Events at Batson ChiroHealth Group


Open House Night at BCG – December 2018

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We love having this event at least once every year! This is an event in which we open our doors and invite anyone in that wants to learn more about what we have to offer at our practice. We pride ourselves in being more than just a chiropractic office. We offer a number of additional services that together provide top-notch care to our patients. At our Open House, attendees gain tips and advice from our chiropractors, nutritionist, Nashville BrainCore clinician, acupuncturists, and therapy team that speak to kick off the night. Then, attendees are able to try our neurofeedback, spinal decompression, acupuncture, and more. Lastly, we try to provide a fun and unique way to go about offering extra special discounts on our already existing treatment plans. It’s a win – win for all! We are looking to host another one of these events towards the beginning of the new year. Stay tuned for more info!


Pancakes with Santa – December 2018

Christmas Card 2018














This past December was our 4th year to host the ‘Pancakes with Santa‘ event. This is a free, community-wide event that attracts close to 500 people each year. We provide pancakes, omelettes, and other breakfast goodies, as children get the opportunity to go see Santa and take a professional photo with him! We love adding more features to this event as it continues to grow over the years including: Christmas crafts, reindeer food to take home, and story time with a local librarian. There is a suggested donation of five non-perishable food items to put towards our annual food drive to benefit local Burmese refugees. Be on the lookout for this event again at the end of 2019!


Halloween 2018








Holidays are one of our favorite things around here! You’ll never see us passing up an opportunity to be festive. This year, our staff Halloween dress-up theme was “Tacky Tourists”. How do you think we did?!


Patriot Day 2018














This year, we hosted our second annual Patriot Day cook out on 9/11. First Responders from all around the Nashville area stop by our office for a BBQ lunch and a complimentary service. Our team always looks forward to seeing everyone that comes out to eat, and it gives us a chance to say “thank you” to those who serve us on a daily basis! We will be hosting this event again in 2019.


Back to School Kick off 2018










McGavock Comprehensive High School is located just down the road from us. It’s a tradition of theirs to have a big “back to school” welcoming crew the morning of the first day of school. Lots of local businesses come by to wave around back as they begin their first day and hand out goodies. We love a chance to get out of the office and see other people thriving in our community.


Servant Leadership Scholarship 2018










BCG has been blessed with the ability to give away a “Servant Leadership” scholarship to a graduating student of McGavock Comprehensive High School the last five years.  We are always blown away by the excellent entries we receive each year and the intelligent minds of the next generation! We look forward to giving this scholarship away in 2019, as well.


Referral Contest Giveaway 2018













We meet lots of new patients through the Internet, but our main source comes from referrals! Word of mouth has proven to be the most effective form of marketing for us, so our referring patients are very important to us! We hosted a contest last year and drew from a list of names that had referred the highest number of people for the winner. We had the best time giving away this massage chair to our winner! Our team loves hosting contests and special giveaways, so another giveaway of some sort will be seen again in 2019!