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Benefits of Combining Chiropractic Care and Massage Therapy

Chiropractic Care and Massage Therapy

The body is a complicated and fragile thing.

This can make the upkeep difficult and oftentimes confusing, as one problem always seems to lead to another.

For relief, people usually look for a “magic pill,” or a single method that will cure them of all their body pain.

This is unrealistic.

A healthy body needs a combination of healing methods—not just one.

Two which work particularly well together are chiropractic care and massage therapy.

Here’s why you should think about taking advantage of both services.

What Effects Do the Two Treatments Have Apart?

Before delving into what chiropractic care and massage therapy do together, let’s discuss what they can do apart.

Chiropractic care attempts to alleviate pain and other health issues by focusing on the body’s structure, such as the bones and nervous system. Neck pain and shoulder pain are common reasons for seeking out chiropractic care. Most of all, however, the practice puts its focus on spinal manipulation, which is said to help with back pain, headaches, and disorders associated with whiplash.

Massage therapy, on the other hand, specializes in manipulating the body’s soft tissues, such as the muscles, tendons, ligaments and skin. This is done through using pressure and movement. This sort of treatment is for people who are looking to reduce stress, relax muscles, rehabilitate injuries, or simply to better their overall health.

Aside from the physical aspect of the treatments, both of them offer psychological relief, too.

Both are performed by experts who know how to get their patients relaxed. This is particularly true of massage therapy, which is known to be used in spas and resorts.

As you can probably see, both of these treatment target specific ailments and have a variety of results. While different, they each focus on manipulating the body, relieving pain, and relaxing the individual.

It’s also notable both treatments are completely drug-free, yet can accomplish many of the same effects which medication provides.

What Happens When You Combine the Two Treatments?

The first benefit is the most obvious.

Remember everything that each treatment does?

Well, if you get both treatments, then you get all of the benefits.

Too often, people will only take the treatment which deals specifically with an issue they’ve been having problems with.

Why not have the entirety of your body treated in the process?

Both treatments even compliment each other by their very nature. For instance, massage therapy focuses on the soft tissues, which surround the hard tissues—which is chiropractic care’s domain. By getting massage therapy before chiropractic care, those soft tissues will relax, and give your hard tissues more room to relax in the process.

If you’re dead-set on getting your chiropractic care before your massage therapy, there’s benefits to this, as well.

Chiropractors tend to do a more elaborate check-up than massage therapists, so they can help point out areas a massage therapist might need to focus on. This is especially effective if you’re getting both treatments at the same practice, as the chiropractor and massage therapist will be able to remain in contact with one another.

Who Are These Treatments Good For?

The answer is, of course, everybody.

But this doesn’t mean some people can’t benefit more from the treatments.

Athletes, in particular, can find great value in utilizing both chiropractic care and massage therapy.

While most probably do one or the other, especially for the rehabilitation of injuries, they might not be taking full advantage of both treatments. Not only can the treatments speed up the healing process for injuries, but they can also relieve the soreness which comes from weightlifting or running.

Seniors can also benefit greatly from combining chiropractic care with massage therapy. When you get older, your body will often begin to ache in various places, and chiropractic care can help with this.

However, with the elderly, you always have to worry about bone damage. And taking massage therapy before a chiropractic session can help ease the bones into the more rigorous treatment.

Where Can You Get Both of These Treatments?

At this point, you’re feeling pretty confident about both chiropractic care and massage therapy.

Maybe you’ve had one before, or maybe you’ve had neither, but now you’re thinking about having both.

At Batson ChiroHealth Group, we can offer you both chiropractic care and massage therapy. You’ll receive all the benefits of both treatments and all under one roof.

And if you are looking for more, we also offer acupuncture and neurofeedback rehabilitation.

We can’t wait to help you heal.

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  1. Melissa says
    Oct 27, 2018 at 7:06 PM

    Good blog on benefits getting a massage and a chiro treatment! I'm so glad There are some chiros who believe in massage therapy! I remember many years ago when I as a licensed massage therapist tried to convince chiros why they needed massages in their offices. None woukd listen to me which was sad. There's so many great benefits when you combine these two modalities together! Kudos to you doctor! 😁

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