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Chiropractic Care For Wellness

Your Nashville Chiropractic Office Gets Results

Dr. Batson is gentle and thorough!

Common problems such as low back pain, neck pain, and headaches are often treated in our Nashville chiropractic office, but chiropractic care goes far beyond these types of health issues!

Through chiropractic care, we can help our patients regain health and wellness!

Here are a few common complaints that Nashville chiropractors Dr. Frank Batson, Dr. Lance McClure, Dr. Jeff Lamberth, Dr. Greg Butts, and Dr. Brad Bingham help to treat in our office:

Buttocks or Leg pain

One of the most common complaints we see and treat is pain & numbness in the leg or buttocks. While most people think it’s sciatica, usually it’s a fixation in the lower pelvis and tailbone (Sacro-Iliac Joint) that causes the muscles in the glutes to become inflamed, causing the entrapment of the nerves going down the leg.

By restoring mobility in the joint with adjustments, soft tissue releases for the muscle tightness, and ultrasound/cold laser for the inflammation, this type of injury is very simple to correct. And, we’ll show you some specific stretches you can do to stay well once we correct it.


While there are so many causes of headaches, Duke University’s 2001 study stated that nearly 80% of all headaches originate with neck dysfunction. So the majority of the time, there is something we can do to help. We have 9 different chiropractic techniques we can use to adjust the neck depending on the individual and the condition. We are always very gentle and very specific. We certainly incorporate cranial work, massage, trigger point work, and postural exercises to restore balance and relieve the pain. In addition to these things, we offer Neurofeedback—BrainCore Therapy—that works to restore brainwave imbalances (neurological dysregulation) that can be responsible for chronic headaches/pain.


After my 8 y.o. daughter was diagnosed with ADHD 2 years ago, I went on a search for the best, most effective way to help her without the use of drugs. I discovered Neurofeedback and found out that for 40 years, it has been studied by Duke University, Harvard, and UCLA and proven to be effective for treating the symptoms of ADD/ADHD, Insomnia, Anxiety/Depression, and Chronic Pain. After I learned more and went on to get certified in Neurofeedback, it was an easy decision to bring it to our office to help others with these conditions. One year ago, my daughter couldn’t externally focus or comprehend, would have sudden outbursts and fits, struggled in school, and even had a few neurological ticks.

After going thru the BrainCore Therapy treatments in our office, she now makes honor roll, loves to read, does her homework by herself, and rarely has an outburst or fit. It’s made a huge difference in her and the 50+ individuals that have gone thru the BrainCore Therapy in the last 18 months. In short, once we’ve determined that there is an imbalance in certain brainwave frequencies, we help the individual bring those frequencies back into balance through video, audio, and tactile stimuli or positive feedback. If you want to be tested, or have your child tested with an EEG or learn more about BrainCore Therapy, visit our Nashville BrainCore  website.

Disc Degeneration Bulges, Herniations, Arm Pain, Leg Pain

After age 12, the vertebral discs no longer have vascular supply. So when the disc starts to decay, dehydrate, tear, or swell, many times it can’t heal on its own. Because there are no blood vessels attached to it to bring nutrients to the area to allow it to heal and there’s no way for waste to get out—shots & surgery were usually the only options. That is until recently when Spinal Decompression was proven, with pre and post MRI’s at the University of Colorado Medical Center, to allow the discs in the spine to actually regenerate and rehydrate by causing a negative or vacuum type pressure within the disc.

When this happens repeatedly over the course of a short period of time (usually 2-4 weeks) the results are noticeable and drastic. In our office we’ve had 198 people with an MRI showing disc degeneration go thru our Decompression Program. 192 of the 198 patients with disk problems have seen a significant improvement of at least 60% or better in our office. That’s 192 that didn’t have to have back surgery. If you’ve had an MRI that shows disc degeneration or have severe LBP, you have to try Decompression.

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