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Chiropractic Care Nashville

Are You Looking for a Natural Treatment Method for Your Pain & Health Problems here in Nashville, TN?

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When you’re experiencing back pain, neck pain, radiating pain, or a host of other ailments, consider the natural choice with chiropractic. Chiropractors offer a natural treatment method that can complement other types of treatments or act as an alternative to medications, surgeries and other methods that can come with negative side effects. A chiropractor’s study & knowledge goes far beyond the back and neck, and includes the whole body, & putting it into a state that helps heal itself and create overall wellness.

Chiropractic is a complete system of natural healing that involves gentle spinal adjustments that align the vertebrae of your spine and extremities. By adjusting the spine and/or other joints, the communication between the nervous system, blood vessels, organs, muscles, and other parts of your body is restored. This is when true healing can begin since the injured parts need the nervous system stimulation to function properly.

Try Our Chiropractic Services for These Ailments

At Batson ChiroHealth Group here in Donelson, we focus on complete wellness. With our whole body healthcare approach, our chiropractic clinic offers an array of services including: acupuncture, spinal decompression, neurofeedback, nutritional evaluations, complete rehab & therapies. These are used to in combination to get you better faster. All our services promote overall health and provide you multiple treatment options for various ailments. Consider this wellness practice as a solution for health concerns such as:

Back and Neck Pain

Treating back and neck pain is a specialty of chiropractic care. We have extensive knowledge on the spinal column, and are skilled in techniques that work to heal problems in this part of the body. We provide natural and non-invasive options as an alternative to pain medications, steroid injections and surgery. Start here first.


Whether you have an injury from an auto accident, sports or a fall, chiropractic care can help in many cases. With a car accident, a person often experiences whiplash, back pain and similar concerns. The best Nashville chiropractors at Batson ChiroHealth Group can adjust the spine and/or joints that are affected to restore function & stimulate healing via the nervous system. This will enable you to recover in a shorter period of time and with less chance of continued disability. Therapies to decrease inflammation and improve mobility will help speed up the healing as well

Other Ailments

If you have a health concern, and you’re interested in knowing if chiropractic care is an option, contact us for a consultation. Many people have experienced relief from problems, ranging from headaches to foot problems, and from arthritis to allergy/sinus issues. Chiropractic care can help in many cases.

Natural Wellness

However, chiropractic treatment doesn’t just focus on health problems. We also use our specialty knowledge to improve your overall health function. As good as what we do is at treating problems, it is better as a preventive lifestyle. Chiropractic care and our other services can encourage well-being and put the body into a prime condition to heal itself. Through regular chiropractic care, nutrition, movement, & sleep you can feel healthier and even prevent many health problems from starting. So come to our office in Nashville for back and neck pain, but also come to improve your health and well-being.

What Can You Expect From Batson ChiroHealth Group?

We have four chiropractors at our Lebanon Pike practice in Donelson to take care of the needs of our patients: Dr. Frank Batson, Dr. Lance McClure, Dr. Jeff Lamberth, and Dr. Greg Butts . All four Doctors have advanced services they specialize in. And all have extended experience, knowledge, and skills to provide top-notch treatment. Together we will work to find the most effective treatment method for you & your problem or we will refer you to the appropriate specialists.

Our office provides traditional chiropractic techniques that have lasted over time, such as the spinal adjustment, massage therapy, cranial work, and extensive rehab therapy. By using multiple approaches, we are able to provide each patient with personalized care to fit your needs, goals, and comfort level.

Come In Today!!!

At Batson ChiroHealth Group we can provide natural and effective solutions to a number of health problems, ranging from headaches to neck pain for Nashville, Donelson, East Nashville, Hermitage, Old Hickory, & Mt. Juliet residents. We can also promote your overall health through our specialty services. We tailor our treatment programs to your specific needs & goals for your health. To make your appointment today, call our office now at (615) 751-0958.


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