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Chiropractor | Dr. Frank Batson

Dr. Frank Batson

Dr. Frank Batson

Born and raised just a mile away in Donelson, Dr. Frank loves being a part of and taking care of the community that raised him. After graduating from Goodpasture Christian High School, Dr. Frank attended Lipscomb University where he met the love of his life, Ginger. It wasn’t until getting injured in 1995, on the jobsite of his father’s business, Frank Batson Homes and getting a miracle result at the hands of a local Chiropractor that Dr. Frank decided to move to Atlanta and pursue a career outside of home-building. Upon graduating with his Doctorate of Chiropractic from Life University in 2000, Dr. Frank moved back and opened his practice right here in Donelson. In 2001, he and Ginger married and 4 months later, they opened Batson Chiropractic here at its current location. 

For 22 years, Dr. Frank’s pursuit in his practice has been to offer conservative, comprehensive healthcare with multiple specialties & providers, in an environment with the best possible patient experience. Dr. Frank says “In our current broken medical model of healthcare, the influence of the insurance and pharmaceutical giants have steered us away from what true HEALTH care is. Instead of optimal wellness and vitality through common sense and simple means, we have been led to believe that healthcare is only the absence of symptoms and comes only from white coats & pill bottles. But true health really comes from the inside out and the cause & prevention of disease will always be superior to the treatment of it.” 

Dr. Frank loves working with patients of all ages. He is a certified Webster-Breech practitioner and has worked on hundreds of pregnant mothers and their young children over the years. He also loves working with young athletes and individuals that are health-conscience and prevention-minded. He has a heart for helping people regain their health and live pain-free, purpose-filled lives.  

In his free-time, Dr. Frank enjoys traveling with his wife Ginger and teenage daughters, Macy and Caroline. He also enjoys getting together with friends and going to sporting events and concerts across the country. Being the 2nd oldest of seven, Dr. Frank knows one of his biggest blessings is his large expansive family and the Godly influence of his mother and father. He and his family worship at The Donelson Fellowship and try to be involved in the ever-changing Donelson and Nashville community. 

Dr. Frank loves change & growth and is always looking for ways to expand the services & technologies at Batson ChiroHealth Group to help people like you get better. He says “You may find a practice that is faster and cheaper than us, but you will not find a place with a team of people that are committed to being more thorough and caring than you’ll find here.”