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Batson ChiroHealth Group Reviews

“Oh my goodness… we love it here! Gayle and Austin in therapy are both amazing. Lesley (massage therapist) is SO good at what she does. Everyone here is so nice and friendly! We wish we lived closer so that we could come by more often.”- Joy D.


“I love everything about Batson ChiroHealth Group. The people are so friendly and it really feels like a family. Everyone greets you by name, which is wonderful.”
- Rachel W.

“I am impressed by the care provided at this practice. They are so thorough. The PhysioTherapy department is an added bonus, and they work so well with the doctors. I feel like everyone here has gotten to know me as an individual and not just another patient.”-Allyson H.

“After countless visits to physical therapy, pain management groups, and neurosurgeons, I was told the only option for my pain would be surgery. After a single visit to Batson Chiropractic Group, I experienced more relief than I had through any of the other treatment plans.”
- Cameron G.

“I had never been to a chiropractor before and wasn’t sure if they could help me because I had muscle pain from an injury, not a bone problem. Chiropractic is so much more than that and took care of my neck pain! The staff and doctors are wonderful!”
- Megan H.


My personal experience with BCG has been wonderful. I came into the office for the first time a little over a month ago (beginning of December). I was in severe pain and couldn’t even walk upright. I am now able to move around a lot better than I was before – that was the best Christmas present.
- Robbie T.

“I came to Batson Chiropractic Group because I was suffering from constant headaches and migraines, which I knew were, in part, from bad sinus issues, and also excessive hours at my computer due to work. I never expected the results I got from just my first visit! Dr. Jeff really listened to my problems, and, much to my surprise, addressed my allergies. He recommended I try taking the supplement Allerplex, and literally overnight there was a drastic improvement! I have not had a migraine since, or even a headache really. My sinus and allergy issues are almost entirely cleared up! The constant pain and runny noses were unbearable, but now all that is gone!! Seriously a life-changer, and I cannot thank Dr. Jeff enough for his wisdom–beyond general chiropractic services–and his patience in listening to my problems and then addressing them directly with solutions, not just temporarily masking the issues. Five stars and then some for everyone at Batson Chiropractic Group!”
- Tracy W.

BCG is a one stop shop. They have a lot to offer here… there are many different services to get you access to what you need. BCG is so nice and so thorough “
- Toby M.

“The staff is very friendly, supportive, and showed me around the office. Dr. Batson is so nice and gave me details on the adjustments he can do for my neck and back. I look forward to going back to get adjustments and massages. I am so glad that I picked this group.”
- Janice S.

“I was looking for a non-medicated way to help my son with his attention issues. I found Dr. Batson and BrainCore Therapy. The team has made every effort to work with our schedule to get Walker’s sessions in. Everyone is very friendly and sweet to my boys. They are patient and always make us feel cared for.”
- Amy Beth J.


“I have been seeing chiropractors for a while now, but no one has turned me around quicker than Batson Chiropractic Group.”
- Bob M.

“Thanks to Dr. Jeff, I am eating, driving, and shopping! He’s my hero!!”
- Susan R.

“The nutritional evaluation with Dr. McClure made a world of difference. In four months, I’ve lost 42 pounds, 15% body fat, and 15 inches. For years, I tried every diet and would work out all the time, and nothing would change. I have gained so much more energy, a clearer, more focused mind, have had fewer cravings, and even my skin and hair look better than ever. My nutritional evaluation helped me both physically and mentally to achieve more in every aspect of my life.”
- Marci F.

“It has been great! I am not sore all the time like I was before! I also tend to sleep better the night of and the next day after an appointment!”
- Anna N.

“I came to Batson Chiropractic Group initially due to shoulder pain. I have learned through my ongoing education that chiropractic care can and will help with numerous issues. It makes it possible to have good health on all levels–emotional, nutritional, structural, and psychological. I have a better outlook on life, am in a better mood overall, and feel so much better. The explanation a patient receives on all the services offered is most beneficial and easy to understand.”
- Marla W.

“I’ve been to several chiropractors throughout my life and never been to one that looked at the entire picture before coming to Batson. This is the best my neck has felt in 25 years! BCG rocks!”

- Tami T.

“The kindness, compassionate and gentle treatment I received today has me excited about my next visit. The BCG team made me feel so welcome. The relaxing treatments eased the stress that had been exacerbating the pain I had suffered with for so long. The great folks at BCG also made the treatments affordable for me. I am really looking forward to my next visit on Wednesday. Judging from the relief I enjoyed today, I know healing is at hand.”

- Rita H.



I am impressed with the array of services offered at this site. The staff is friendly and helpful and I had the best adjustment I have ever had! Thank you!

- Elizabeth O

This email is being written to express my gratitude to everyone at Batson ChiroHealth Group for all you have done to help me get relief for back pain which has plagued me for at least twenty years.

My diagnosis is spinal stenosis, arthritis, five bulging disc which are causing nerve pain in my back and legs. I have seen at least ten different doctors through the years and have tried many different treatments without relief. One of Frank Batson’s patients recommended the Batson Wellness Clinic.

I have been patronizing the clinic for several weeks and have never regretted it. I can honestly say my pain is much better on most days. No doctor has ever showed more compassion or tried harder to relieve my pain. Every person on the staff is completely devoted to their patients. To know that they care and work so hard to find what is best for me means more than I can express.

Thank you Dr. Batson and thanks to your wonderful staff. Not just the hands on staff but also your office staff. They all call me by name and make me feel welcome every time I walk in the door. I love and appreciate all of you.

- Sara


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